Thursday, October 16, 2008


Tummy time!

Brooks and Jonathan had some bonding time today and tonight. First, they played outside. They did the superman swing. Later they were playing football and Brooks said, "I strong, Daddy. Feel my elbow." Then when Jonathan put him to bed (I was at a book club for The Shack), he kept saying he wanted the Darkman. Jonathan couldn't figure out what he meant until he said, "You gave it to me, Daddy." He had given him some Star Wars figures from his office, so he then knew Brooks was talking about Darth Vader. So when I went in to say goodnight, he had Spiderman in one hand and Darth Vader in the other.


kellieja said...

Your husband is a nerd;)

Carmen said...

Jacey is getting way too big. She is adorable. Also, welcome to the world of Superheroes.