Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Elmo and a Firetruck

Brooks has always loved watching T.V. and movies... Lion King is an all-time favorite and Aladdin is his current vice. Lately, though, he's taken to acting out what he's watching. He'll "fly" around the room when watching Buzz Lightyear or "dangle" from the couch when Scar is hanging on to Mufasa's paws on the cliff. He even acted out the Olympics this summer... he would swim back and forth when we watched Michael Phelps or spike a ball when we watched beach volleyball. He's a funny boy. So, anyway, I got some pics of him watching Elmo's World the other day.

Brooks had a special day at preschool. It was Doughnuts with Daddy. So Jonathan got to hang out with Brooks for the morning. They had rescue vehicles come and let the kids explore them. I think they both enjoyed that time together.

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