Saturday, January 24, 2009

Our Little Snowman

A couple weeks ago, we had a decent snow, so Brooks and I headed out to play in it. We had enough to make this guy. I was hoping we could make one as tall as Brooks, but he didn't quite make it. He's got a Marshall hat on. Brooks was sad when he started melting, but Daddy helped him knock it down and then he thought it was funny.

Jacey in Months

Ok, so I haven't been on top of the monthly pics, but here's the latest progression. The first is ONE MONTH.


FOUR MONTHS (I missed 3)


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Here

When we got home (Jonathan was with me on the plane trip home, thank goodness), we had our own Christmas at our house. Santa had left some things here and also had found us in Florida to deliver to Brooks what he asked for (Gordon and Percy trains). Here he is holding a book that Jonathan's aunt and uncle thoughtfully mailed for him.

Brooks showing off his new robe. My little man.

This was the big gift from Mommy and Daddy... a Wow Wee Alive Lion Cub. It makes noises and its face moves (eyes, mouth). He has loved lions for at least a year now. It started with Simba and Alex from Madagascar.

Jacey "opening" a gift.

We later that evening went to Jonathan's parents house. Our flight had been EARLY, so Brooks was so tired. He fell asleep on the way there at the same time his new lion cub did.

Jacey got a Bumbo for Christmas from Mimm and Poppy. Good gift for Mommy, too.

Brooks opening his Gears from Mimm and Poppie.
Jadon and Kaylin got him Curious George and a book to go with it. He also got two more lions, which he was very happy about, and a V Motion system. Thanks Mimm and Poppy!

The sweet bracelet from Mimm and Poppy

Michelle reading Brooks' new book to the kids

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Florida Christmas

It was our year to go to Florida for Christmas. I had to fly by myself with both kids... I was nervous, but it actually was fine. The worst part was Jacey pooping out of her diaper about 10 minutes after we took off. She rarely poops out of good diapers, but wouldn't you know that's when it happens. So I had to change her in my lap (good thing she's not modest) and thank goodness for Tide sticks. Brooks wore his cowboy outfit there and so Grandpa was delighted to see a little outlaw coming down the stairs to greet him and jump into his arms. And I was delighted to walk out the door and be embraced by the Florida sunshine in gorgeous 70 degree weather. I spent several days there before the rest of the family arrived and didn't get to picture-taking until they came. Here Brooks is playing with his cousin Braden.

He and his cousin Ethan rode Grammy and Grandpa's tricycles.

Uncle Brad is a hoot and warmed up to Brooks by asking him to join him under the blanket for secret-telling and hiding.

Here is my brother, Brad, and my sister-in-law, Michelle, meeting Jacey for the first time. Michelle got to visit with her briefly but then ended up being very sick with a virus. At first she thought it was morning sickness because they told us through a poem one night that they are pregnant with their third! Yea!

Brad is such a crazy guy and will do just about anything for a laugh. Brooks ate it up.

Grandpa holding his first granddaughter.

My dad thought we needed a pic of Jacey peeking out from around the tree.

Ethan holding Jacey.

Brooks loved watching Rudolph this year and was thrilled when I brought home a stuffed Rudolph and Abominable Snow Monster. He carried them around constantly the whole time. Here he is playing with them with Daddy.

Jacey and Brooks looking all festive... Brooks loved wearing a Santa hat this year.

Mommy and Jacey

Here's Grammy reading a book to all the grandkids... even Jacey is into it.

Brad is about to grill some awesome pork tenderloin... grilling out for Christmas Eve dinner... love it.

Jonathan... um, I don't really know what to say about this picture.

I don't know what to say about this picture either, but for a totally different reason.

In her Christmas pj's

Brooks feeding the reindeer on Christmas Eve. I love this shot.

Christmas morning and Brooks with his presents. He got some really great stuff, especially in the book department. My mom always finds the best books for him.

Grammy with her first granddaughter... she has a hard time believing how much pink I put her in and the bows I put on her, etc., because I wasn't girly growing up. She loves it, though!

The family Christmas morning - my mom bought us all matching pajamas. It was fun.

The boys

The four cousins... I had a better pic but I think it didn't download, but they're still cute.

We went to the playground downtown. The boys had a great time.

Here she is in one of those girly bows. I'm glad I can make you happy, Mom.

My mom and dad when we ate out at our favorite Mt. Dora restaurant, Lampu. Thanks, Mom and Dad, and thanks, Florida for a wonderful Christmas.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Arabian Halloween Nights

Brooks had been getting into "Aladdin" the movie lately. When Aunt Stephanie informed me that cousin Kaylin was going to be Princess Jasmine for Halloween, I knew I had to let Brooks be Aladdin, which, of course, made Jacey Abu the monkey. My mother-in-law Mary Ann made his vest and pants and Jacey's vest. I can only claim the hats. Oh, and the patch on Aladdin's pants. Gotta claim all the domestic feats I can, since there aren't many.

At Trick-or-Trunkin' (what they call Trunk-or-Treat here)... Abu, Aladdin, and Princess Jasmine. People have asked about Brooks' hair - it's just that black spray stuff. It makes him look soooo different! I giggled so many times just looking at him.

Jacey already sleeping

The family... it would have been great for the parents to go along with the theme. Brooks wanted me to be the genie and Jonathan to be Jafar. Didn't happen, obviously. Instead, we are a hippie (peace) and a mime (quiet). Together, Peace and Quiet.

At the Pumpkin House in Kenova... a really neat place to go around Halloween. It was actually on Ellen a couple years ago. The mayor of the town does it at his house and does the carving himself (with lots of help). It's amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins.

Brooks at pre-school with some of his buddies

Trick or treating with the cousins... Jadon was Wolverine

Jacey was in the stroller a little while.

Now being held by her grandmother sleeping away (Jacey, not Mimm)

Brooks had a great Halloween this year, and so did Mommy. It was so fun to do coordinating costumes. I'm liking having 2 babies to dress up. Hmmmm... already thinking about next year. Brooks was quick to run up to the houses this year, especially because he was following his cousins. He is kinda weird about candy... he doesn't like many kinds. But give him some M&M's or Hershey's chocolate, and he's in hog heaven. Takes after Momma.