Thursday, November 6, 2008

Arabian Halloween Nights

Brooks had been getting into "Aladdin" the movie lately. When Aunt Stephanie informed me that cousin Kaylin was going to be Princess Jasmine for Halloween, I knew I had to let Brooks be Aladdin, which, of course, made Jacey Abu the monkey. My mother-in-law Mary Ann made his vest and pants and Jacey's vest. I can only claim the hats. Oh, and the patch on Aladdin's pants. Gotta claim all the domestic feats I can, since there aren't many.

At Trick-or-Trunkin' (what they call Trunk-or-Treat here)... Abu, Aladdin, and Princess Jasmine. People have asked about Brooks' hair - it's just that black spray stuff. It makes him look soooo different! I giggled so many times just looking at him.

Jacey already sleeping

The family... it would have been great for the parents to go along with the theme. Brooks wanted me to be the genie and Jonathan to be Jafar. Didn't happen, obviously. Instead, we are a hippie (peace) and a mime (quiet). Together, Peace and Quiet.

At the Pumpkin House in Kenova... a really neat place to go around Halloween. It was actually on Ellen a couple years ago. The mayor of the town does it at his house and does the carving himself (with lots of help). It's amazing. Hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins.

Brooks at pre-school with some of his buddies

Trick or treating with the cousins... Jadon was Wolverine

Jacey was in the stroller a little while.

Now being held by her grandmother sleeping away (Jacey, not Mimm)

Brooks had a great Halloween this year, and so did Mommy. It was so fun to do coordinating costumes. I'm liking having 2 babies to dress up. Hmmmm... already thinking about next year. Brooks was quick to run up to the houses this year, especially because he was following his cousins. He is kinda weird about candy... he doesn't like many kinds. But give him some M&M's or Hershey's chocolate, and he's in hog heaven. Takes after Momma.


kellieja said...

Nothing wrong with liking just Hershey. The only bag of candy I bought to give away this year was mini Hershey chocolate bars. I gave away two of them and have been eating them up ever since. I feel sick :(

kellieja said...

oh , the costumes were really cute! His hair was cool too.

The Nesbitt's said...

I love the outfits and I am just impressed that you made the hats. That is more than I could do!

Carmen said...

Cute costumes. I love Brooks's hair. Too funny.