Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Here

When we got home (Jonathan was with me on the plane trip home, thank goodness), we had our own Christmas at our house. Santa had left some things here and also had found us in Florida to deliver to Brooks what he asked for (Gordon and Percy trains). Here he is holding a book that Jonathan's aunt and uncle thoughtfully mailed for him.

Brooks showing off his new robe. My little man.

This was the big gift from Mommy and Daddy... a Wow Wee Alive Lion Cub. It makes noises and its face moves (eyes, mouth). He has loved lions for at least a year now. It started with Simba and Alex from Madagascar.

Jacey "opening" a gift.

We later that evening went to Jonathan's parents house. Our flight had been EARLY, so Brooks was so tired. He fell asleep on the way there at the same time his new lion cub did.

Jacey got a Bumbo for Christmas from Mimm and Poppy. Good gift for Mommy, too.

Brooks opening his Gears from Mimm and Poppie.
Jadon and Kaylin got him Curious George and a book to go with it. He also got two more lions, which he was very happy about, and a V Motion system. Thanks Mimm and Poppy!

The sweet bracelet from Mimm and Poppy

Michelle reading Brooks' new book to the kids


The Nesbitt's said...

Looks like you had a wonderful christmas!

Amy Griffin said...

Love the Bumbo - does Brooks love it too? It looks like Jacey had a great first Christmas!

Carmen said...

I am glad that you all had a wonderful Christmas together. Can you believe it is already over?