Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jacey's Two Months!

I can't believe Jacey is already two months old... it goes by so fast. Along with smiling, she's following well with her eyes and holds her head up well. She should have strong neck muscles since she's been a total bobble head ever since we brought her home. I've just about dropped her a couple times from her rearing back her head when I've had her with just one hand. She's a wiggler. But she's been doing so well. I've been really pleased with the flexible schedule that we've established. She's napping great in her crib. We went to the doctor today for her routine check up and she is 11 lb.s 2 oz and 22.5 inches. She started out bigger than Brooks but now she is smaller than he was at this age. Anyway, the appointment would have been fine, but I guess I was in the clinic part of the practice and had a nurse who was training and a med student. They weren't bad but just took longer. The med student was very thorough, I think she asked me if I was breastfeeding four times. And then our pediatrician came in and did the whole exam again. Then the 3 shots and one oral vaccine, which she choked on. Let's just say I'm glad that's over with. Oh, and Brooks is sick... he has a fever. He wouldn't eat or even hardly drink anything today after preschool and he fell asleep on the couch tonight - I don't remember the last time he did that.


Rachel said...

I'm so excited that you're blogging! It's a great way to keep up with people and I love seeing pictures of your kiddos. They are PRECIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Glad we have this vehicle to keep up to date with your family. May you be more diligent with it than I have been. Miss you much and love you all!--Marilyn