Monday, September 29, 2008

Jacey's Smiling!

The days of the first smiles have finally arrived! I've bonded with Jacey and she becomes a part of me more and more every day. And the smiles, oh, those moments when our eyes meet and her mouth turns up, just cement our connection. There is nothing like it. She may not have the dimples her brother got from me, but her smile is still a thing of beauty.


Carmen said...

Yeah! Welcome to the world of blogging. I am so glad that you have joined us. It really makes keeping in touch with friends easy. I am glad that I will be able to know what is going on in your world. By the way, are you going to be in Huntington Thanksgiving weekend? We are coming home from Thursday to Monday. Maybe we can get together.

The Nesbitt's said...

Glad to see you joined us. Go to for cute backgrounds. It has directions on it too. I'll be checking on you.

Jordan said...

She is so precious and I see so much of Brooks in her expressions.